Perfect Blend Of CSS And JAVASCRIPT In Front End Web Development World.

Here We Are Going To Cover The Path That Will Make You Ride In The Combination Of CSS And JAVASCRIPT In FRONT END WEB DEVELOPMENT World.


Hi Readers. Today anyone can learn anything whether it is a new technical thing that is trending or any other technical stuff that could be a Programming Language. Basically we are going to see the use of JAVSCRIPT. Here You will see the blog on perfect combination of Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) along with the taste the JAVASCRIPT provides at the Frontend And Backend Both in web development. Here I will focus mainly at the Frontend part consisting of Vanilla JAVASCRIPT along with the use of Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) which designs the website in a very comprehensive way. We will also take look at various animations and transition that are playing big role in the UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) improvement. At the you all can find the necessary resources required for comprehensive and stylish Front End Web Development.


Web Development Is one of the rising passions in this technical world. In every passionate web development learner, the ultimate goal is to design a webpage or a webpage with a lot of designs and functionalities.

This seems very superior to think inside our mind, but the question arises “How to design a website with full of interaction ?”

Every website or a webpage we see on a web browser is consisting of a lot of instructions and steps involved in making of that website and designing of that webpage which has been created by the use of various components which includes the use of libraries and framework code. In order to make a website, thinking the design of the page or how the page looks is really important as it will help us to reference about the how we have to design the webpage. It could be done with the help of Wireframes. They consist of various components hat are to be situated inside a webpage.

HTML, CSS are not basically any of the programming languages but they are effecting the basic structure of the page of a website or the display of the series of webpages with the involvement of styling that is involved in the HTML Page and the appearance of the webpage that will be shown to the client.

It is the JAVASCRIPT which gives the life to webpage just as in our humans the muscles and the blood gives us the solid structure and the meaning to our life support systems. It is gives the strength to the designed website of a user and adds to the interaction to the website when a client interacts with the website or the webpage. There were times of late 90’s where creators of the websites has to code consistently without much support and design systems and had only one option to make Static Websites available to the users. But since then, time has changed and now the Dynamic Websites creators are growing day by day and this all has changed the aspect of web development.



HTML basically provides the basic structure about the webpage or the website that is visible to a client or the user that is using that website for a particular use.

Here you can see the presence of the presence of the basic HTML document which we will focus later on to the application of CSS and further the application of the JAVASCRIPT which will make it one of the great web document with a lot of animations and presence of good interaction with the components of the web document with absolute stunning UI of the webpage. Below mentioned is the Code for the HTML file we used for making the webpage.

And down he content you can see how the page looks after writing this much of code snippet by the use of HTML.


CSS provides the basic structure of the styling to the webpage or the website that has been formed with he use HTML and makes to look the website look very user interactive in design and improves the user interface a lot.

Now our task includes to design the webpage that we have included in it and then to add the styles to the UI/UX by using the CSS . We are here going to separately add the external CSS File which will include all of the styles of the CSS. Here in the CSS we will take all of the different components and then take each component for taking down the styles individually for that particular component and then take each of the component and then add styles to that webpage. CSS adds a lot of styling to a common and simple looking webpage and design it to look really impressive in scene and make it look really awesome. Now down you will see the CSS file that you could add into HTML page by linking that file by using link tag and that all will help in creating a nice looking webpage.

Please Look Into The Pictures and images given below that will show you the styles we have added by use of CSS.

When the animation is completed, it looks like the below mentioned image which you can see below.

Below mentioned is the CSS file which you can link or that we had linked with our HTML file to view the final page after designing.


JAVASCRIPT provides the life to the website or the webpage by making interactive in nature by making it user interactive in which the user could do calculations in it, interact with the buttons or the components of the website. After it’s release in back 1995 it has been one of the most powerful component of web development which has created a big revolution in this modern field.

Now you all will see the nice interaction with the web documents by use of DOM. DOM refers to Document Object Model. All the elements we are talking about are the parts and various other components that can be referred as the HTML parent elements or he HTML child elements. As JAVASCRIPT is a scripting language and that all helps us to use the logic behind the scene in the client side webpage. UI/UX can also be changed in the Vanilla JAVASCRIPT. JAVASCRIPT changed the whole world as now we can code in JAVASCRIPT to make our Backend vey feasible and that helps a user to learn single programming language and apply that particular knowledge for making the website and resulting in the comprehensive design of the webpage. Down The Line you all will see he JAVASCRIPT code that we have used by taking in all he components and then applying different properties at the webpage by taking the webpage in it. You can refer and apply the code by taking n the code by copying it. Here, I have also made the use of JAVASCRIPT Library called jQuery that has helped a lot by writing only few lines of code by taking in the different animations inside it.

Now below the text you can see all of the images and seeing through the images we you can see the different components that the different transition and interactions that we can use in the JAVASCRIPT which includes the different components in the HTML page and by clicking on the different documents children and components which are used in this document or the webpage that has been used in this webpage or the technical issue we have talking in this blog. The changes we have taken inside this page include the click event, mouseenter, mouseleave, hover event. Also by the use of JAVASCRIPT we have taken various components by taking in the DOM elements by selecting the elements by taking in the id of that component. Also by the use of jQuery we have taken in the use of animate method of the jQuery which helps in the animation of that component. That’s we have taken the topic of this blog as the Perfect Blend of CSS and JAVASCRIPT in Front End Web Development World.

You can also see the video down the text to have the better look what is happening in the page when we used JAVASCRIPT in our web page after the use of CSS in the simple HTML page. You will in end realize that how well the page has been changed in the front end after the use of CSS and JAVASCRIPT and that has given the page an impressive look to the page in the final document.

So that was all from my side in this technical blog where we talked about the Use of HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT which makes the Front End Web Development World So Beautiful and impressive in look and which has transformed the Web Development in few years.

I am ARYAN GARG, a second year student of Information Technology and pursuing my B.E from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute Of Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

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